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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Insurgent...or Freedom Fighter?

One man's "insurgent" is another man's "freedom fighter."

I don't think any of us know what's going on in Iraq.

Our media is ridiculously selective about what we all see - whether you claim a liberal or conservative bias, we certainly don't get anything close to an accurate picture of what's going on.

Personally, these days, I think anyone who can, with a straight face, claim that the media has a "liberal bias" is just plain nuts. If you think about it, the media is all about the money these days; it's not the news itself that counts, it's the entertainment factor. It's not about heroic investigative journalists, breaking the big news, the real news, the stories that brought down kings and presidents anymore, it's about the celebrities we have made out of our "journalists" like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity. They don't report the news; on the contrary, they make the news, they shape the news, they mold it and squeeze it and massage it into an entirely different product. What went in one end as news gets extruded as something entirely different: propaganda.

But I digress (it's so easy to digress...there's so much to digress about these days!).

I do think we Americans have made a completely ugly and almost unfixable hash of things in Iraq. We really suck at empire-building; we've destroyed their country, killed their citizens, stolen their oil, trashed their antiquities, and set any chance of peaceful government back at least 100 years - all in the name of toppling the tyrant Saddam, "spreading democracy" and blah blah blah.

To put it bluntly, we've fucked up their country. Badly.

And that doesn't even get into our motivations for doing so. As for me, I believe it was always about the oil. We ignore tyrants all the time - if they're useful tyrants. Look at our good friend, our pet dictator, in Uzbekistan. He boils people, but we still like him. Because he's useful. He plays ball.

Saddam was once our good friend, but his mistake was that he quit playing ball. Thus, he went from our pet dictator to a tyrant begging to be overthrown in the name of liberty. It sounds really good, doesn't it? Gives us a really good justification to take over their country and do whatever we want with it. (It's about the oil. If a tyrant doesn't have oil, well, he's not worth bothering with.)

In my opinion, the Iraqis have a perfect right to hate us. If it were me, if my name were Qasira instead of Kate, I know I would!! And so would you - if you were honest about it. Think about it! The Al Qaeda recruiters scuttled in from all over the world to scoop up the newly "liberated" and disaffected criminal/underworld/gang element - because they knew a damned good source of recruits when they saw it. And the regular Joe Iraqis - they are pissed off because they've lost family, friends, jobs, and property because of American bombs. There are also those poor sod Iraqis who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time - who have gotten scooped up off the streets, detained for months or even years - and possibly even "tortured" by American troops - they have good reason to hate us.

And then, there are the women, who in Saddam's Iraq, were doctors and lawyers, unveiled and modern - these women are now being stuffed back into their smothering black burqas and their isolated state of being the chattel of their men - and they're hating it.

Like I said, one man's insurgent is another man's freedom fighter...think about it.



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