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Friday, June 03, 2005

St. Richard Nixon?

There has been a lot of talk about double standards lately.

One of the biggest double standards available to humans is the rewriting of history.

The Republicans have never been reluctant to avail themselves of this particular "tool," and now, they're rewriting the Tale of Richard Nixon, the Biggest Crook in American History. And now, the Republicans are attempting to portray Richard Nixon as a victim of the "hate-filled left" and add him to the pantheon of right-wing saints - cozied up right next to St. Ronny (Reagan).

Ben Stein, a fellow I used to respect, rhapsodized about Nixon, asking what he did that was so bad, declaring that he was really a peacemaker because he had "ended the Vietnam War" (huh?) and wrapped up his pretzel-logical essay by practically accusing Bob Woodward and Deep Throat (whom we now know as Mark Felt) of causing the Cambodian genocide.

The punchline? Deep Throat & Co. are all traitors who are in for some very bad karma.

Here's a link, just in case you'd like to read this exercise in revisionist history for yourself:

Hold your nose, and don't forget your barf bag.

This is a sickening example of the double standard, played out to the Nth degree of absurdity, the rewriting of history to suit the Republican point of view.

What did Nixon do that was that bad??

Well, for starters, he lied to the American people - just like our current president is lying to the American people to get America into a war and keep us there. His minions went in for burglary, and then Nixon attempted to cover it all up. And like all inherently arrogant criminals (who believe they are smarter and faster than all the poor slobs they're swindling), Nixon & Co. taped the whole thing; perhaps for their vanity, perhaps as proof of their greatness for future generations. Of course, that tape was instrumental in bringing down the entire gang. One wonders what was in that missing nine minutes of tape.

As an aside, I've heard that there is a certain member of the "Old Guard" who brags to this day about telling Nixon that he should've destroyed that tape...not that he told Nixon that what he was doing was wrong, but that he should have destroyed the evidence. I'm really glad he's out there guarding my moral values along with the rest of the Republican Party.

And now, the Republican smear machine is running overtime: the hounds are out for Mark Felt's blood, calling him a traitor, and declaring that he should be imprisoned, that's he's crazy/senile/a pathetic old man, that he did it for the money, etc.

Sound familiar? It should.

The same tactics have been used against Howard Dean (remember the scream?), John Kerry, John Edwards, former members of the Bush administration like Richard Clarke, every single prominent Democratic leader and any member of the press with the guts to say, report or publish anything unflattering to the Bush administration.

Richard Clarke was laughed at for his assertions that he had tried, on multiple occasions, to warn BushCo about 9/11, and he was summarily dismissed as a "disgruntled former employee" with an axe to grind.

Dan Rather was pilloried for his story about Bush being AWOL, simply because ONE piece of the evidence was a forged document. There is ample evidence that George Bush did not fulfill the requirements of his military service, that he was indeed AWOL, that he got his cushy posting in the Texas Air National Guard only because of strings being pulled in high places, and that he received an undeserved honorable discharge - but the vicious campaign of scorn, derision and vilification cranked out by the Republican smear machine makes no mention of those facts and, in fact, has drowned them out so thoroughly that Bush's unfulfilled service is no longer discussed. When it should be discussed - a lot.

The same tactics, even uglier, were used during the 2004 presidential campaign to smear John Kerry - a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War, who had his honorable and courageous service denigrated by the so-called "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth." Who are the "Swift Boat Veterans"? Just another cog in the Republican smear machine - busily rewriting history to suit their own frightening agenda.

I can only hope it will be a day for ice skates in Hell before Richard Nixon ends up with a halo.


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